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Oeiras SDR+

Oeiras, Lisboa, Portugal | Loc: IM58iq, ASL: 60 m








Oeiras - Poets Park features: the Darwin center, the poets piramid and the time obelisk
Oeiras is located in the beautiful country called Portugal, 15km West of the capital city, Lisbon. It's and old village and the municipality capital of a an area of roughly 46Km2. Oeiras has s lot of history. Evidence collected shows agricultural activity since the iron age. Later, due to its location, some of its parishes, specially the ones closer to Lisbon, had an important role in the effort of discovering the "new world". Today Oeiras is know for its modern enterprise offices that many IT companies (but not only those) have chosen for their headquarters in the country.

Currently there are 3 radios connected to this OpenWebRX+ system: a NooElec Smartee with a LaNA and a Diamond VX50, a MSI2500 MSI001 based SDR with Diamond NR-770H(!) and a shipXplorer RTL-SDR based dongle for AIS connected to a random wire.

More on Oeiras:,_Portugal Avatar image: - Rui Ornelas
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